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Thousand Chef is Your Expert Provider

of the freshest, most delicious, healthiest and most beautiful seafood in the world
We are pleased to be able to offer our customers the very best seafood from the nation’s most outstanding sources. We collaborate with one of the finest seafood companies. Therefore, we can offer not only Bluefin, Big Eye, Yellow fin and Albacore tuna, but also scallops and uni. In addition, our processing facilities provide skinned, filleted and packaged fresh fish for immediate shipment.
All our processing plants have been FDA HACCP approved for quality and freshness which ensures our customers that they will not only receive more than what they may need and expect, but also seafood products which they can serve with great pride to their own customers - the discriminating ultimate consumers.

Address: 100 Norfolk Ave, Boston, MA 02119
Fax: (617)989-0138
Phone: (617)213-4677 , (617)989-0128
Member since: 2019
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