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Welcome to Roger's Piano
With over 100 pianos on display and many more available through custom order, Roger’s Piano is the true destination for piano shoppers. Roger’s Piano offers more choices to piano buyers than any dealer in New England. We inventory pianos for all levels, from beginners to concert pianists. We offer both new and pre-owned pianos in every style: upright, baby grand, grand, digital and the exotic.
Having been in the piano business for 33 years, we understand the underlying true value of pianos. Many buyers purchase a piano simply for brand name recognition... 

Roger's Piano features more than 120 new and used pianos throughout our 7,000 square foot showroom, and is Boston's premier home of acoustic, digital, and player pianos from Yamaha. In business for over 33 years, Roger's Piano knows the technical and performance of every piano in stock from the inside out, providing every customer with the best educational experience to select the perfect piano for their needs.
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Piano retailing is not the only service Roger’s Piano offers. To help you maintain your piano, Roger’s Piano offers tuning, repair and restoration services. We work very closely with piano technicians with extensive experience to provide the following services:
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Address: 12 Worcester Street, Natick, MA 01760
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