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Augen Law Values
Founded in 2006 by Kenneth W. Augen, Esq ,  our office is based in Massachusetts, U.S. We cater to big and small businesses, as well as to individuals from domestic or international. 
We are are committed to providing legal information that is easy-to-understand and accessible.
Our goal is to excel in ” Local, Global, Attentive, Personal”.
Founding Attorney:
Kenneth W. Augen, Esq has been practicing law in Massachusetts since 2006 and practices before all state courts, U.S. District Court, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, and U.S. Immigration Court. 
Attorney Augen is the founding attorney of Augen law offices. He holds both MBA& JD from Stetson University College of Law and is versed in immigration and nationality law, corporate, real estate, tax and business law. Besides these, he also practice in various broad areas including contract disputes, tax, estate planning, civi and family matters, etc.
Attorney Augen has unique practice in the representation of both national and international clients in complex legal matters related to doing business in Massachusetts and across the United States. 
Our Clients:
Augen Law Offices has served both individual clients and corporate clients, domestic and international clients. We are dedicated to utilize  legal knowledge combined with our cutural understanding for successful representation.
Below are some nationality of our past clients:
China, Japan, India, Nepal, New Zealand, UK, France, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Brazil, Taiwan
Our Practices:
Since our founding, we have successfully handled cases of broad areas for both domestic and international clients.
Immigration and nationality law
1. Nonimmigrant visa – Temporary stay in the US; 
2. Immigrant visa – Permanent Residency;
3. Acquiring US Citizenship/Naturalization;
4. Humanitarian 
Family law issues
Adoption, Child Support,Divorce,Prenuptial agreement, Guardianship 
Corporate and Contract law:
Corporation, Limited Liability Companies, Partnerships, Nonprofits. 
We advise company owners, officers, individual directors, full boards and managers in virtually all aspects of their businesses. 
Real Property Law:
Purchase and sale agreements,Title & Settlement Services, Commercial lending, Closings, Land use/ Zoning, Condominium association law. 
We represent buyers and sellers of residential and commercial properties. 
Traffic Tickets & Other Offenses:
Reckless driving, Driving under the influence (DUI/OUI), Operating to endanger.
We represent clients in Boston and throughout Massachusetts charged with all types of vehicular crimes and  license suspension issues. 
Civil Litigation:
Professional malpractice litigation; Breach of contract, Commercial disputes, debt; Landlord and tenant disputes; Personal injury  
Criminal Defense:
Magistrate Hearing, Appeals ,Theft Related Crimes(Shoplifting, Embezzlement,Credit Crd Fraud, Drug Possession and Sale, Probation Violations, Sealing Records.
Intellectual Property Rights (IPR):
Copyright/Trademark Registration
Patent Evaluation and Patent Protection strategy
Know-how/Trade Secret Protection

Business hours:

Mon ~ Fri: 9am to 6pm EST

Wechat: augenlawyers
Address: 21 McGrath Hwy, Suite 205. Quincy, MA 0216
Fax: 617-275-8648
Phone: 857-526-6042
Member since: 2017
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