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永福殯儀館坐落于麻州波士頓,是大波士頓地區和新英格蘭地區的第一家提供傳統亞洲喪葬儀式的殯儀館,于1995年由美籍華裔 Wing Chan 家庭創辦,至今已近二十個年頭。



- 葬禮儀式全程服務

- 一樓告別大廳

- 二樓告別大廳

- 傳統亞裔喪葬/現代喪葬

- 生前葬禮籌備計劃 查看詳情

- 生前葬禮儲蓄計劃 查看詳情

- Reception Lounge

- 更多顧客反饋

- 地圖與行車路線


地址:13 Gerard Street, Boston, MA 02119
注册会员: 2012

So I know it may seem a bit morbid to review a funeral home but I had a very close friend of 10 years who died last week and Wing Fook handled all the arrangements. I have never been in a more beautiful funeral home so I had to write a review on it. The staff was so warm and professional and did everything they could to make the guests comfortable at the wake (this is something one would expect but I honestly have dealt with the opposite from other places in the past). The decor was so tasteful and elegant; Ming dynasty furniture (probably reproductions but gorgeous nonetheless) in the reception with plush Chinese carpets, beautful painted murals on the sky-high ceilings right when you walk in, a subdued pale green colour palate, and even a grand wooden double-doored entrance. The place really had a regal feel to it and stood out amongst the usual 'cookie-cutter' type funeral homes I have seen in the past. Myself and several other guests commented that "in 60 years or so they will have a whole bunch of business from us" HAHA. It really was that impressive. Wing Fook is a Chinese-owned business but they accomodate any nationality and/or belief system (my friend was Vietnamese and they still did a terrific job). Everything was planned perfectly and it made me so happy that my close friend got to have such a beautiful service. I know she was smiling down from where ever she is now. By David T., Milford, MA


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